What are the Benefits of Enlarged Downspouts?

A home’s gutter system is a critical component of its entire makeup. Without gutters, water would pool around the base of the home and likely cause damage to the siding, landscaping, and possibly the home’s foundation. Even with gutters, if they’re undersized or inefficient, water could overflow and still cause these issues, and allow water to soak into the roof deck, resulting in roof damage. Proper-sized gutters, and just as importantly, oversized downspouts, are vital to the overall operation of your gutter system. Here are four reasons to talk to your gutter installer about selecting enlarged downspouts.

Enlarged Downspouts Improve Gutter Efficiency

The efficiency of your gutter system probably isn’t something that you’ve thought much about over the years. However, it should be. Efficient gutters move water off the roof, down the downspouts, and away from the home. If your gutters carry more water than your downspouts, there is going to be a backup, especially if leaves and other natural debris get caught up in the mix. That backup can cause water to overflow from the gutters, causing all the issues talked about above, such as roof deck damage, siding damage, and foundation damage. Oversized gutters allow that water to continue flowing, reducing or eliminating these possible problems.

Enlarged Downspouts Increase Gutter Life

With enlarged downspouts, there will be less weight on the gutters during heavy rains, thanks to the spouts quickly draining water away. This can help increase the life of your gutters by reducing the stress on them. That means you’ll save money in the long term, by allowing your existing system to continue working for years longer than average gutters.

Enlarged Downspouts are Quieter

While this may not be as important to some homeowners, enlarged downspouts can make your drainage system quieter. If you can hear water draining through your gutter system from inside your house during a rainstorm, it may be time to consider enlarged downspouts.

Enlarged Downspouts Reduce Damage to Homes

Ultimately, the number one benefit of enlarged benefits is that they reduce the chances of water damage to siding, foundation, roofing, sidewalks, and landscaping around the base of your home due to rain. With better control of the water thanks to the enlarged downspouts, you simply won’t have to worry about gutter overflow in the event of a rainstorm.

If it is time for new gutters, be sure to talk to a gutter professional about installing enlarged downspouts. At Ultimate Exteriors, we install enlarged downspouts in Des Moines, Iowa, and the surrounding area with every gutter job we do. We firmly believe that this can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of any gutter system. To learn more about the benefits of oversized downspouts, or to request an estimate for the cost of new gutters and downspouts in Des Moines, please give us a call at (515) 419-7459 today.


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What are the Benefits of Enlarged Downspouts?
What are the Benefits of Enlarged Downspouts?
What are the Benefits of Enlarged Downspouts?

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