The Importance of Healthy Rain Gutters

You may not think about them often, but rain gutters are an integral part of keeping your home and property safe from water damage. We explain the top reasons why quality gutters are so important to have, especially with harsher weather about to set in. When it’s time for a new set of gutters for your home in Des Moines, IA, or the surrounding areas, contact Ultimate Exteriors to do the job.

Rainwater Can Damage Your Home’s Exterior

When it rains, gutters help prevent water from running down your siding by diverting it safely to the ground. Without gutters, rain will wear down your siding, causing the paint to peel or chip. Moisture can also seep into your home’s walls, creating a breeding ground for mold and wood rot. When mold and rotting wood go unchecked, they can seriously damage a building’s structural integrity.

Rainwater can also cause major damage to your home’s foundation. When rainwater isn’t directed away from your home through its gutters, water will pool around your foundation. When this happens, water can seep in through tiny cracks in the foundation, weakening the concrete and causing serious damage to your home. It’s much cheaper to install rain gutters than pay for a new foundation and building repairs.

Protect Your Yard From Erosion

Properly installed gutters should have a drainage plan so that water will exit in an area that won’t cause damage to the home or surrounding property. Without gutters, rainwater can soak your garden. Too much water can lead to soil erosion. Depending on if your property is on a steep grade, it could even trigger a landslide.

Gutter Installation in Des Moines

When you need new gutters in Des Moines, be sure to call Ultimate Exteriors. Our goal is to provide the highest quality gutter installation for our neighbors in the community by offering a huge selection of gutter colors and styles to meet your needs. Our gutter installers will fabricate on-site for a perfect fit on your home. If you’d like to receive a quote for the cost of aluminum residential gutters, please don’t hesitate to call us at (515) 419-7459.


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The Importance of Healthy Rain Gutters
The Importance of Healthy Rain Gutters
The Importance of Healthy Rain Gutters

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